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AP Sets Record Straight That Obama Is NOT Anti-Israel

September 21, 2011 Comments off
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In a timely release, the Associated Press has become the first major news organization that I am aware of that actually has taken on the concerted campaign to besmirch the Administration by painting it as anti-Israel.  While there have certainly been diplomatic missteps with Israel and relations have been tense at times, with virtually any other country these would have been considered normal foreign policy differences or flaps, and not particularly out of the ordinary.

The AP piece appeared on the Washington Post website titled “FACT CHECK: GOP candidates ignoring Obama’s pro-Israel efforts as Palestinians seek statehood”.
In it, the AP takes statements from Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachman and totally refutes each.

One example:

MITT ROMNEY: “President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus.”

THE FACTS: This statement, delivered with regularity since Obama’s May speech outlining his vision of a two-state solution, comes at an odd moment.

The Obama administration is working feverishly against the Palestinians’ U.N. statehood bid, lobbying world governments to vote down the plan. It is cajoling Turkey to repair ties with the Jewish state. It recently helped de-escalate tensions after Egyptian protesters stormed the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, winning praise from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. And it has made sure that Egypt’s new authorities honor all existing peace agreements with Israel.

The full text of the AP article about Obama’s true actions with regard to Israel can be found here.

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