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Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan speaks his mind to 25,000 at Tel Aviv rally

March 8, 2015 Comments off

An Israeli.  A former security chief. Not a self-hating Jew. Not an Israel hater. Meir Dagan is worried about Israel’s future.

Tel Aviv Rally - Via Jack Guez - Getty Images

Tel Aviv Rally – Via Jack Guez – Getty Images

Dagan spoke at a “Israel Wants Change” anti-Netanyahu rally in Tel Aviv last night.  As quoted by Haaretz (here):

Dagan also criticized Netanyahu. “As someone who has served the country for 45 years in security posts, including during some of its hardest hours, I feel we are at a critical period for our future and security,” he said. “I have no personal interest in the prime minister, his wife, his expenses and his way of life. I am talking about the policy he leads. It is a destructive policy for the future and security of Israel. And as someone who raised children here and is now raising grandchildren here, and who believes with all his heart in the Zionist dream, I feel there is a danger to the continued existence of this dream, and that is why I will come to speak.”

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