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Will Olmert Rise From the Ashes?

February 17, 2013

Is it possible that if a new Israeli government fails to hold together and new elections are called for in 18 to 24 months that Ehud Olmert may return to Israeli politics?  It now seems likely.  Rumor has it that he sees himself as the senior statesman that can provide a real choice to the not-Netanyahu camp.  Having come from the right on the two state solution to a realpolitik viewpoint that a two state solution is essential for Israel’s survival, he can be seen as someone who may be able to move Israel forward on the issue.

And perhaps he could even be running earlier.  Pundits here in Israel put Bibi’s chances of not be able to put together a government as being 20% – about ten times higher than most people in the States are predicting.  If he cannot put together a government within six weeks, Peres can choose someone else to try to create a coalition or call for new elections within 90 days — around mid-May.  And would Olmert run then?

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