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The Sleeping Giant Awakes or, at least, Yawns

March 2, 2012

Ok. It’s been many moons since you’ve seen a post from me.
It’s been partly a matter of time, partly a matter of not having anything brilliant to say, and partly (maybe mostly) because a lot of things to be said regarding the Middle East were so depressing.  Although I can’t say things are less depressing now – actually just the opposite – but it is time again to try to make a real push to say some things worth saying and to expand my readership.  Coming up on the agenda: the AIPAC Policy Conference – this Sunday and Monday. I will be tweeting (www.twitter.com/beyondzs) live from the floor and hopefully wrapping up with a post each night. Check it out for a different perspective.

To see a very cool giant awake, sip a Johnnie Walker and watch this video. I think you’ll enjoy it.

So, please review my next few posts and if you find them worthwhile, please circulate them to any friends that might be interested.  I would appreciate that.

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