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Wisconsin: Famed home state of Joe McCarthy

March 11, 2011

Look what’s happening in his home state. There is a right-wing revolution right here in the US and the Republicans have hood-winked middle America. The concentration of wealth in this country since George Bush took office is staggering.

And while there is no question that union pensions/wages/work rules need to be reigned in for municipal workers all over the country – to use it as an excuse to throw collective bargaining out the window is an egregious misuse of power in my mind. It is also a chicken-shit way to go. Instead of negotiating “like a man – (or a tough minded woman for that matter)”, Walker says – we’ll just change the rules to eliminate any power the competition might have.

Kind of like saying to the Packers – you are in the Super Bowl, but by the way, your players can’t get together to practice beforehand. Good luck!

If you are going to change the rules – why not just tell the unions “we must abrogate the contract or the state will go bankrupt and essentially we won’t have the money to pay you anyhow. Come to the table and let’s work out something that we can all live with.”

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